How To Be More Optimistic

In Business & Life

Maureen & Carmen

With special guest: Victor Perton

Monday, the 27th of May at 9.30am-12.30pm

147 Montague Street South Melbourne

How optimism can support you to lead a healthy and happier life AND get more results in your business

How to infect yourself and others around you with optimism

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That Optimism Man

Victor Perton

Victor is an advocate for optimistic leadership.

He is the author of "The Case for Optimism: The Optimists' Voices" and the Founder of the Australian Leadership Project.  

His life's journey has included time as a barrister, parliamentarian, trade commissioner, entrepreneur and senior adviser to the Australian G20 Presidency.

The Queen Of Communication

Maureen Pound

Maureen, is naturally an optimistic person who understands the benefits of optimism first hand.

She has achieved outstanding results in her life and business (even when people said that it wasn't possible) by the consistent application of powerful communication and optimism.

Maureen supports business owners to communicate better with themselves and their teams leading to greater levels of optimism and results.

Communication Scientist

Carmen Williams

The Nerdy Scientist is now leading a communicaiton revolution.

You can be the best expert in your field, but if you cannot communicate, build relationship, influence people and be optimistic, then you are not going to get far.

Carmen brings the science into communication and shows you the exact steps you need to take to achieve your desired outcome.


Optimism is awesome!

Explore the case for optimism and how it can have a powerful effect on every area of your life.


Optimism can be cultivated

Learn the simple, yet powerful methods to cultivate optimism.

Support others to be more optimistic

Learn how to support your people to be more optimistic and get better results for your business.

20 Seating Available